About Us


Journey with us to Nine Mile — your idyllic escape from the frenetic energy of city life.  Where the palm trees sing Cedella Marley-Booker lullabies and all you need with you is a comfy shoes, coconut water and an open mind.

Nine Mile is where “Island Time” meets “Adventure” meets “Rest & Relaxation”. It’s a place where your soul is able to breathe a little sigh of relief because time moves a bit slower.

Come with us to Nine Mile — the tiny town in St. Ann where Bob Marley and his mother, Cedella Marley-Booker both took their first breaths and were also laid to rest. A beautiful, untouched getaway where the Reggae King first embarked on his iconic, inspiring journey of sharing Reggae music, and his message of love, peace and unity with the world.

The Nine Mile lifestyle brand by Princess Booker combines all the beautiful elements of Nine Mile: the happy peace, the freeness of spirit and the quiet fire that inspires all who visit its land. The brand first began as an idea to create trendy, contemporary clothing brand, which still maintained the essence of the Caribbean’s message of love and positivity.  Like the majestic Jamaican mountains, the clothing line blends the casual serenity of Nine Mile with bold, edgy designs.

The Nine Mile Clothing brand is a seamless blend of everything we love about this beautiful Caribbean island. It is urban streetwear crossed with a touch of soothing Caribbean soul. The result is a line of versatile, ready-to-wear pieces that adapt to fit your unique lifestyle. Head to the gym, run a few errands or just kick-back and relax— the Nine Mile brand is committed to providing “look good, feel better” clothing for those who want to experience the freedom of Nine Mile, no matter their location.

Welcome to Nine Mile; a lifestyle worth embracing.