What does it mean?
To reduce an individual's use of the Earth's natural resources

Sustainability dates back to many decades ago, society now has a better understanding of it as the world is moving faster and consumption of natural resources is increasing rapidly. Drastic changes are now to be seen within every aspect of our everyday life: from businesses to agriculture, design, laws and our everyday habits.

At Nine Mile we have understood the concepts of living a sustainable life and the main reasons behind it. We aim to bring a positive impact to the fashion industry and have been revising the way we work to improve processes.

There are many wrongs within the fashion industry and we are aware of our ethical responsibility of avoiding them. We have seen massive cost reductions from the supply chains and workers which has allowed in the past decades to produce more for less, neglecting that our planet resources can come to an end at some point. 

Fashion is now about being trendy and trends come and go at a blink of an eye. At Nine Mile we produce high-quality clothing that will last longer and will keep up with the styles so our customers will enjoy a long-lasting product. While offering the best quality clothing we can, our main reason behind it is to protect our planet resources.

We are positive that in this fragile world, taking small but consistent steps will help in the long run. We put sustainability at the top of our priorities and we encourage our community to do the same.


A few tips of what you can do to help our planet stay healthy:

  • Buy quality clothes in order to last you longer.
  • Re-style your wardrobe and call it vintage!
  • Donate your clothes to a charity shop, what is old to you is new to someone else.
  • Sell your old clothes, there are many website that you can use now.
  • Shop locally, you may be surprised what stylish pieces you can sometimes find!
  • Reduce your consumption of fast fashion. 
  • Go for eco-friendly fibres of which the production process has a lower impact on the environment.    
  • Look after your clothes, follow care instructions to extend life cycle.


What happens when we do nothing

Global warming is a result of what will happen if we don't try to become sustainable. Possible consequences could result in:

  • Rising sea levels
  • Extreme droughts
  • Erosion and loss of forests
  • Increase in slum populations
  • Species extinctions
  • Collapsing fisheries

A small change can go a long way!