Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour - Jamaica



Founded by Princess Booker, Nine Mile Clothing launched in April of 2018. Our motivation is to portray the worlds love for Nine Mile Jamaica and Bob Marley's message of one love. We aspire to inspire our customers around the world with our bold designs and strong message of One Love. Bob Marley once said ‘In this great future, we cannot forget our past’ so our mission is to preserve the Jamaican authentic art, history, culture and heritage.

We aim to create a community where we can all empower and support one another, no matter your race. We made a promise to support the local Nine Mile community, as we give back to our PB Foundation to provide children with quality education. Our love for people and the planet is our religion as we work towards becoming a sustainable brand. Become part of the self-expression, one love lifestyle. Clothing made not only to look good but to make you feel good too!

Welcome to Nine Mile.

Discover the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour