Dear Nine Mile, 

My last visit was too short. This feeling, I’ve realized, is one that never seems to go away. Something  about your energy makes me feel like no matter how much time I spend, there is simply never enough time. Never enough time to soak in your crystal cool rivers, your majestic mountains and your exhilarating waterfalls. Never enough time to relish in the genuine spirit of your people—my people— or to discover more of your hidden treasures. There is a sense of tranquil, quiet power that dances in the air. A feeling of electric inspiration that energizes your peaceful shores and it makes me excited— rejuvenated but also empowered and hopeful.

That’s the power of Nine Mile, and it is that amazing juxtaposition of fire and water, of yin and yang— balance— that I’ve tried to capture in my clothing line. I wanted a line that was both fierce and functional. Clothing that could easily transition from work to play, and pieces that would bring a sense of balance to your wardrobe.

I think finally bringing my SS18 collection to Nine Mile and seeing it in action was a bit of validation that I accomplished what I said I wanted to do and most of all, that I did right by you. That the pieces that I designed were truly in sync with your ebbs and flows, your peace and power. I saw my Nine Mile swimsuits jump off waterfalls and my Nine Mile crop tops go from running around doing errands all day, to loving and learning the latest dancehall moves (I definitely gave the ‘shoulder fling’ my best shot haha).

So to my dear Nine Mile, my love affair with you continues. And I hope that in turn, you fall in love with my designs and through my designs, the world, even if they never get to visit your shores, can fall in love with you too.



Princess Booker

Creator, founder & designer of Nine Mile Clothing

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