Located in the central Saint Ann Parish of the iconic Caribbean island, Jamaica, Nine Mile is the beautiful, rural town where Reggae sensation, Robert Nesta Marley’s life began. Several decades later, this idyllic, tucked away town - a few hours away from all hustle and bustle - has become one Jamaica’s most well-known and sought after sites, where persons from all over the world come to experience and learn a little bit more about the Reggae icon and peace activist’s humble beginnings. There you will certainly find Bob Marley’s childhood home, along with the ever-popular Bob Marley Mausoleum, but more importantly, you will find the majestic peace, and slow-burning, simmering energy, that inspired Bob Marley to produce music for the world

The spirit of Cedella Booker - Marley, the woman who raised the Reggae King and helped carry on his legacy, is alive and well in Nine Mile. There, you will find much more than you ever could imagine, because many come searching for artefacts and remnants of the Reggae legend, but in fact, discover that his soul continues to live on in this peaceful little town of Nine Mile.