We make clothing for love and self expression.

Nine Mile is a premium contemporary streetwear brand to enrich one's mood and give grounded optimism, inspiring us to be resilient and to live with love. Our clothing is for everyday living made to raise your positive vibrations. Our collections consist of sustainable pieces using organic cotton and recycled materials to help protect our Earth.

Princess Booker is grand-daughter of Cedella Marley- Booker and Niece of Bob Marley.  She is the founder of the clothing brand Nine Mile and the creator of the Nine Mile Babies.
  • Founder of Nine Mile

    Princess Booker

    Princess Booker was born with the spirit of Nine Mile pulsing through her veins. Nine Mile, the peaceful, country village in Jamaica where Cedella Marley-Booker, the Marley family matriarch’s and Princess’ grandmother’s life began, has blossomed into a major source of inspiration, pride and love for Princess. It is this love of Nine Mile and an intense desire to share its wonder with the world that caused Princess to start the Nine Mile fashion and lifestyle brand.

What we stand for


  • One Love

    To unite and build a community of love for each other, fighting against discrimination.

  • Inspire

    Others to be fearless and to embrace their true self.

  • Empowerment

    Support one another to grow and to become stronger and more confident with who they are.

  • Sustainability

    Work towards creating clothing without depleting natural resources.

Look good feel better.