Join the movement for self-expression with raw-edged design, bold colors, and eye-catching styles. Nine Mile offers high-quality apparel that commemorates the culture, arts, and music derived from Jamaican heritage. Based in St. Ann, the home of legends such as Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley and  Bunny Wailer. Nine Mile provides a sense of automatic peace which is captured within our clothing. There is no such thing as bad energy or animosity. With such an inclusive environment, you feel fearless with the colours you wear; and want to embrace every essence that the island has to offer. You’ll want to bottle that feeling and will yearn for that sense of freedom again. This is where Nine Mile bridges the gap, bringing you that same feeling within our brand. Our designs provide our customers with the visual arts of the Caribbean as well as the bold Rastafarian colours that inspire us to stay creative.

At Nine Mile, we strongly believe in the mantra of One Love and the vibrations of strength, unity, and community. Our motivation began with our love for the late great Bob Marley, who empowered the music industry through education, wellness and fighting for freedom. Fuelled by our appreciation for the precious island of Jamaica, we take pride in promoting the authentic art and culture that still holds a prevalent influence around the world. Clothing that represents meaning gives us the passion to keep creating unique styles that turn heads. With everything the island has provided for us, we ensure that we give back with our foundation to help children receive quality education in Jamaica and assist with resources to help students with academics towards their future. Together we can do more, give back, and push forward through our brand that transforms, educates, and inspires.




ONE LOVE - To show love for each other

INSPIRE - others to be fearless and to embrace their true self .

COMMUNITY - Support one another to grow.

UNITY - Bring people together no matter your race.

EMPOWERMENT - Helping others to becoming stronger and more confident with who they are. 

SUSTAINABILITY - Working towards creating clothing without depleting natural resources.