A Place of Eminent Beauty & Eternal Spirit   

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St Ann parish, in Jamaica, is the land of where some of the greatest Jamaican legends come from such as Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer and the one & only king of reggae Bob Marley and our first national hero, the great Marcus Garvey. Inspiration + Innovation = Revolutionary

St. Ann the largest parish in Jamaica, has a population of roughly 180,000 as of the 2011 census. Its capital is Saint Ann's Bay. Other significant towns include

Ocho Rios, Brown's Town, Runaway Bay and Claremont. St. Ann is situated on the north of Jamaica, county of Middlesex, in the middle of the eastern and western ends.

Due to its natural floral splendour, it is best known as the Garden Parish. It is one of the oldest populated areas in Jamaica and its history goes back to 600-500 A.D. The area is considered to be the earliest Taino/Arawak settlement in Jamaica and the first place when Christopher Columbus landed on the shores of Jamaica in 1494.

Being a popular tourist destination of Jamaica, St. Ann is famous for Dunn's River Falls and beautiful beaches such as Puerto Seco. Many renowned attractions can be found in the Garden Parish of St. Ann Jamaica.

Apart from its natural and historic fame, St. Ann is rich in its cultural heritage, beauty, noble and eternal spirit of its people. One of the most prominent St. It is also the birthplace of reggae singers Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer and the late great Bob Marley.

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