Nine Mile Clothing: Understated Conscious Lifestyle, Taste and Style

ST. ANN, Jamaica February 7, 2020 — Born and raised in London, England, Princess Booker’s parents set the foundation for her life by gifting her the “Princess” moniker — a strong title for a girl, who grew up into a remarkable renaissance woman.

Princess indeed wears many crowns: entrepreneur; fashion designer; Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nine Mile Clothing and of Princess Booker Tours travel agency; co-Manager of multi-Grammy-nominated Julian Marley; and unyielding philanthropist.

Her passion runs a vast spectrum but, at the core of it all, are fashion and music.

“I guess I was influenced by my father and brother; watching them made me want to work within events or music.  When I finished university, I worked with my dad on the 9 Mile Music Festival and Nine Mile Reggae Land for a few years. I then started working with my brother, Julian, in 2011,” explained Princess.