Enter the gates of Nine Mile in Jamaica and you can hear the voice of Bob Marley in the air. The relaxing, spiritual touch of this famed location, where Marley was born and is buried, can be

felt in the new lifestyle clothing brand, Nine Mile Jamaica, crafted with quintessential Caribbean love by Princess Booker, the granddaughter of Cedella Marley- Booker.

Princess Booker welcomes everyone to the official launch of her new lifestyle clothing line with a fashion show to be held in Miami, Florida, on June 3rd 2018, at the Wynwood Yard. The event is being held in collaboration with Reggae Sundays by Kulcha Shok, the most famous reggae night in the cultural life of Miami featuring live bands and DJs.

The brand Nine Mile lives and breathes Jamaica and the spirit of Nine Mile. The clothing brand is known for its bold, edgy designs, quite like the mountains of Jamaica, as well as its latest sleek outfits.

For the wearer, Nine Mile is the cross between street wear and Caribbean life. Nine Mile is nestled deep inside the hills of St Ann, and is now the resting place of Bob Marley and Cedella Marley-Booker. Bob Marley’s musical career began here, and today his mausoleum is a global tourist attraction.

The family’s legacy now finds form and substance in the eponymous Nine Mile brand, inspired by the idea of introducing stylish, contemporary clothing that carried the authentic Caribbean touch. “I wanted to give people a piece of Nine Mile to take with them. I wanted to share with others what Nine Mile meant to me. Through Nine Mile Jamaica, I hope to bring awareness to the small village that touched many people all over the world through music,” says Princess Booker.

Since its launch, the Nine Mile brand has grown in popularity, and the apparel can be bought from stores all over Jamaica. With increasing international appeal, more exciting products are in the offing too, such as slides, crop tops, hoodies and swimwear.

Love and positivity form the underlying message of the Nine Mile Clothing brand.

Visitors are welcome to check out the official online store at and buy their favorites women’s and men’s T-shirts and hats designed to complement and complete any outfit.

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